Purple Duck Films

About Us !

We are an independent film and comedy group, consisting of students, and based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Started in the year 2003 by director Daniel Reis, and named after his debut movie (“What is a Purple Duck?”), Purple Duck is the independent film company under whose guise Daniel has continued to release his films. Now, along with friends Adam “G-Dawg” Goldhamer and Nicolae “ Featherfoot ” Rusan, Daniel Reis and Purple Duck Films are for the first time available to you online in their full zaniness: uncensored and uncut.

Adam Goldhamer, most commonly associated with the invention of the Internet, inaugurated his acting career at the age of 5 when he starred as Jodi Foster as Clarice Starling in the movie Silence of the Lambs. After winning the Academy Award for best Actress Adam retired from the acting scene claiming “I did what I had to do. Now it’s done and I’m finished. I would like now to achieve my dream of ^#&$*@% a dolphin.” Fifteen years and 120 dolphin lawsuits later, Adam has emerged from retirement to join his friends at Purple Duck Films! Please feel free to drop him an e-mail as he is very very lonely. Please.

Daniel is a Film Production student at York University, holdin’ it down for the T-Dot. You can take a guess as to why he doesn’t star in any of the movies.
Is it :
a) He’s not good looking enough to be an actor.
b) He’s far too good looking, and Adam doesn’t want to act with anybody prettier than him.

Nic, Adam, and Daniel all know the real answer.

After playing Splinter in the much beloved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Films, Nicolae’s acting career plummeted. Long forgotten, and not validated as the genuine Splinter, Nicolae currently lives in the sewers with the rats – peddling his dulling glory. A master martial artists, and two time former UFC champion, Nicolae believes in a steady diet of Brazil Nuts. Nicolae is able to bend steel with his concentration. His favorite smells are lavender and juniper. Nicolae! Nicolae?
Program of Study: Economics, Poli Sci and Engineering?
School: McGill University
Blog: Foresighter – a blog about innovation and philosophy.


  • Ur youtube/facebook videos suck assss!!!!

    - Nicole Dow (Chinguacousy Secondary School)