Purple Duck Films

The Creds

  • Concept by Nicolae Rusan
  • Written by Adam Goldhamer, Daniel Reis and Nicolae Rusan
  • Starring (in order of appearance):
    • Daniel Reis as Rabbi, and Jimmy B. Pete the Illegal Alien
    • Will Tanner as Proud Father 1 and Alien Smuggler
    • Adam Goldhamer as Proud Father 2 and Gynocolgist
    • Greg Wayne as Hesus the Illegal Alien
    • Nicolae Rusan as Pedro the Illegal Alien
    • Adam Graves as Big Time Bitch, and Mr.Tumnus
    • Candice Barrett as Lucy Pevensie, and Nun Temptress
  • Filmed by Kian Morandi
  • Directed by Kian Morandi and Daniel Reis
  • Edited by Daniel Reis
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